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Our journey began with fenestration in 1989 and in 2010 we finally gave wings to our passion for timber by launching RitikaaWood. Built on a 20yr strong foundation, the next decade saw us complete over 700 projects. We are fuelled by a childlike love for creating spaces with timber and a zeal to engender faith in the mark of “Made in India”.

we found joy in our journey
we found joy in our journey
we found joy in our journey
we found joy in our journey
we found joy in our journey
Luxury wood window and door
Luxury wood window and door
Big wood window and door
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We are a thoughtful organization, mindful about everything we do, right from the timber we choose to craft the wooden doors for home and the way we work with it to the people we hire and the values we share. These are our core pillars and the binding philosophy that makes us a successful team.

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We will always remain a brand that uses materials which have life. This comes from the belief that life attracts life and that as humans, we are innately drawn to living materials. Making it all the more imperative to preserve and nurture the world we live in.

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Our work is bespoke and reflects the unique personality and journey of the families we build homes for. We’re not afraid of doing things that have never been done before. In fact, we yearn for challenging projects that push the boundaries of our capabilities, and in doing so allow us to bring creative dreams to life.

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Unearthing Indian Heritage

India is a country rich in heritage, tradition and design sophistication. We’re passionate about traditional woodworking techniques and practices. We are on a journey to unearth and rediscover them and are constantly learning by looking back to our heritage. 

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The compass that never fails us - we believe the best choices are the ones taken through the lens of keeping us in business for the next 100 years. This necessitates being responsible to the environment - why we are unwavering in our decision to say no to timber that is not sustainably harvested. It also means being responsible to our customers, our employees and our vendors. This is what we constantly strive for.

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our team

Standing behind the leadership team featured below are the people that truly make us tick. Our team shares a passion for building dreams, for awakening global quality consciousness and for changing perceptions about Indian manufacturing and quality.

our team

Standing behind the leadership team featured below, are the far more important people that make us tick. Our team shares a passion for awakening global quality consciousness and for changing perceptions about Indian manufacturing and quality.To each and every one of them, we forever raise our glasses.

MD of Ritikaawood Anuj Divanji

Anuj Divanji

Founder, Managing Director

RitikaaWood is Anuj and Lopa’s sole business and main passion. An entrepreneur and global traveler, he brings to the business a burning passion for sustainable architecture, innovation and wood. 

Ritikaawood Business Analyst Aakash Divanji

Aakash Divanji

Business Analyst

Aakash graduated from Cornell University in 2015. The next generation of leadership at RitikaaWood, Aakash brings over 5 years of consulting experience and a fresh perspective to the practice. 

Director of Ritikaawood Lopa Divanji

Lopa Divanji

Founder, Commercial Director

With her qualification in fashion design and unparalleled operational skills and experience, Lopa brings her fine eye for detailing and penchant for quality to the business. 

Production Head of RitikaaWood

Pankaj Patil

Production, 2010

Pankaj takes pride in his position as head of production, managing challenging projects and intricate design requirements with an innovative mindset and the utmost attention to detail. He has been with Ritikaawood over a decade, yet his curiosity and eagerness to learn know no bounds. 

Design Head of Ritikaawood

Naresh Ayare

Design, 2012

Naresh ji joined us as a CAD designer in 2012 and has grown through the ranks into a leadership role. He now heads design at RitikaaWood. A storehouse of experience and technical know-how, his approach redefines challenges into opportunities to learn and evolve. 

RitikaaWood Team Member

Gian Perrone

International Business Development, 2021

Heading our international business development and pioneering our overseas expansion, Gian brings his very diverse experience to the practice. His zeal for professionalism, penchant for organization and excellent communication make him an asset to our team. 

Operations head at Ritikaawood

Rano Reagan

Operations, 2017

As head of operations, Rano walks the tight rope between client management and team management. He comes with a deep reserve of experience in the fenestration industry and works hard to inculcate operational excellence across the organization. 

Sales Manager at Ritikaawood

Srinidhi Acharya

Sales Manager, 2018

From day one in the company, Srinidhi has brought an unparalleled zest in his work. He is a young manager with many happy customers and team members.

Sales Manager at Ritikaawood

Nirav Kapadia

Sr. Sales Manager, 2008

One of the veterans of both, our company as well as the Industry, Nirav brings with him a rich experience of client satisfaction and team management.

Marketing Head at Ritikaawood Geet Dave

Geet Dave

Marketing, 2022

An engineer with a marketer’s heart, Geet ensures all our marketing efforts are taken in the correct direction to be able to give our brand the perfect stage to stand on. 

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finally, we want to thank every client, friend and well-wisher for making RitikaaWood what it is today