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RitikaaWood has been specializing in world class timber products like luxury windows and doors specially designed for outdoor use. Our products are used in some of India’s most luxurious residential and commercial properties. 

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Our Solid Wood Door is an ideal solution for discerning clients and designers looking for real solid wooden doors for home. RitikaaWood door is suited for areas where you can unabashedly expose it to the elements - be it the wet areas of the bathroom or even outdoors, overlooking the balcony besides of course your main entrance door.


Our luxury wood windows for home combine performance with elegance to the sheer magnificence of size. Our versatile range offers performance, with practical functionality and a joy in operation while offering superior performance vis-a-vis traditional site made ones. Our windows add the X-factor to your property, that’s our promise.


Our Interior Wood Cladding is ideal for creating a luxurious and a warm façade with a highly distinctive character that transforms the landscape around it. Our wooden facade cladding is specially treated to remain unaffected by natural elements, thus allowing you to use wood for even extreme exterior applications.


Our deck wood flooring is the ultimate luxury. It allows for extension of indoor spaces to outdoors, with it’s looks which outshine the internal wooden flooring. It comes with a warranty of 50 years against dimensional stability (warping, bending, cupping) and against rain / sunlight / rot.


Our louvers and screens are a luxury solution to both, commercial and residential buildings. A solution for sun-shading, privacy screening and other unique applications which until now were unheard of using timber. We combine the modern with the classic, offering screens with the traditional ‘Jali’.


Originally commonplace, wooden roofs and structure saw a decline in usage due to issues such as material authenticity and timber sourced from unsustainable forests, often illegally. Re-connecting you to our roots, wooden structures and roofs bring a rustic and a warm characteristic to your home.


Challenge us with any bespoke solution you want for outdoor or indoor timber requirements. Our products are a canvas for age-old craftsmanship - allowing artisans to pursue their tradition with passion, all the while being aided with modern manufacturing and technology.

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at RitikaaWood, we ONLY use sustainably harvested timber

Number 1

root practices

We have embedded sustainable practices in all aspects of business. Sourcing, environment friendly timber from responsibly managed forests , with highest  durability further reducing the need for maintenance and subsequently the burden on natural resources.

Number 2

back to the future

Evolving needs have encouraged designers to revisit the traditional materials for building. We bring the added support of new age technology and practices to fulfill this demand while keeping the high performance expectation from timber still relevant.

Number 3

managed forests

Forests can create CO2 when the trees die and decay. By using the timber of a mature tree in our luxury wood products we prevent this carbon release, while also planting new trees, benefiting the environment.

Number 4

low carbon footprint

Manufacturing processes for wood products such as solid wood windows require less fossil fuels and release lesser greenhouse gases than the manufacturing of materials such as metals, plastic and cement. 

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Tropical forests globally have been ravaged due to the demand for hardwood. We have therefore chosen the sustainably sourced Accoya timber which has properties that match and sometimes exceed the qualities of conventional hardwood. Our timber offers a warranty life of 50 years and by choosing Accoya, you are directly conserving our planet’s timber resources while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

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Dimensionally Stable
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Outstanding Durability
wooden flooring near me
Highly Water Resistant
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Reduced Maintainance



RitikaaWood uses coatings with low VOC, that is environment friendly and specially customized for Indian tropical conditions – changing humidity, high rainfall and intense UV exposure. Our coatings require minimal maintenance and have an extremely long life, reducing the need for regular re-coating. Our timber can be easily stained to a variety of shades using exterior grade UV-resistant water-borne oils, also made available by RitikaaWood.




Brown wood shade

Swiss Chocolate

Visible Grain

Bring in a little piece of rich wood shade. This shade will elevate your corner into a luxurious spot.

Brown wood shade

Char Well done

Visible Grain

One of our special shade/texture known as Sho Sugi Ban or YakiSugi. This is a japanese process of charring wood in a controlled environment to create a stunning protective surface.
Unique. Bold. Special.

Brown wood shade


Visible Grain

The double shade work here highlights the natural wood grains, bringing them out to even more prominence.

Brown wood shade


Opaque Shade

This is a deep rich shade which can bring a layer of depth to any corner in your home. It is a unique shade which works with modern and traditional choices.

Grey opaque wood shade

Medjool Date

Visible Grain

A bright shade of a natural brown that accentuates the wood grains beautifully.

Grey opaque wood shade

Charcoal Creme

Opaque Shade

Dark colours are often overwhelming, not this shade though. Bring class to your personal corner!

Door in natural wood shade


Visible Grain

A deep Brown Hue which highlights the natural grains without overwhelming the visuals.

Door in natural wood shade

Masala Chai

Visible Grain

This stunning combination of shades is as unique as you! Be bold, be free.

Blue Designer door

Blue Curacao

Visible Grain

This shade reminds us and our patrons of the ocean waves, a refreshing break from the classic shades.

Green designer wood door


Visible Grain

A refreshing hue of green. Do something different, do something truly you!

luxury cladding shade


Opaque Shade

A rich, deep colour.  The opaque, glossy shade is a unique addition to your home.

Natural wood shade Door


Visible Grain

A mild and sophisticated hue of white, which portrays the grain beautifully.

Dark brown wood door


Visible Grain

A highly saturated hue of the classic wood shade, this ought to bring out a deep aesthetic feel in your home.

Grey Door shade

Earl Grey

Visible Grain

A unique shade which showcases the beautiful grain in a mild ashen colour.

Light blue wood door


Opaque Shade

Like to be unique? This shade is a match for you. Enjoy the sober glow of the light blue at your home.

Natural shade wood door

The Original

Visible Grain

Forthe people who prefer to keep it natural. This is how the wood grain, and the colour is, no additions, no corrections.

Natural shade wood door


Visible Grain

A traditional shade which fits almost everywhere. You cannot go wrong with this choice.

White shade wood door


Opaque Shade

Bring in a little piece of rich wood shade. This shade will elevate your corner into a luxurious spot.

Natural wood shade door


Visible Grain

Brighten your home with this shade. The white in this shade really sets the stage for something unique.

Natural wood shade door


Visible Grain

This cosy shade accentuates the wood grain to make it even more prominent.

unique shade wood door

Watermelon Skin

Visible Grain- Combo

Our creative scientist's favourite creation! This stunning shade made from combining two shades of a colour is a true masterpiece.

yellow wood shade door


Opaque Shade

Be playful with this shade, refreshing yet very mild. And if you know about the origin of this name, we are going to be good friends!

Natural shade wood cladding

Java Chip Coffee

Visible Grain- Combo

A fan favourite! Don't you feel like wanting to have a coffee after seeing this shade? Bring the warmth of this shade to your home.

designer wooden door
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