January 27, 2023
Geet Dave
Marketing Manager

New Horizons: Ritikaawood eyes Middle-East opportunities

With the completion of a couple of projects, including one at a stadium recently used to hold the FIFA world cup, RitikaaWood has their eyes set on the opportunities at UAE. Having conquered the zenith of Luxury wood construction in India, Ritikaawood is looking to expand it's foothold. What place matches our premium place other than the UAE?

Ritikaawood believes that the offerings under the brand name will be a natural match to the tastes of the UAE diaspora.

Ritikaawood is elated to announce it's long awaited entry into the UAE market with a few project completions to back the smooth project completion promise.

Ritikaawood family keenly looks forward to the hospitality of UAE and ensures the citizens of the same quality standards which Ritikaawood provides in India.