Sanepa House
Residential- Villa
Kathmandu, Nepal

Sanepa House

A stunning design that plays with warm, earthy colours, the Sanepa house in Kathmandu stands out as a serene home. Located in the capital of Nepal, this house is a testament to the beauty of tradition and the raw- the natural. The luxury wood windows adorning the house not only act as a conduit for sunlight but also as a doorway into the nature, around the home.

the vision

The highlight of this stunning home is the reflection of the simplicity that the homeowners exhibit. Architect Prabal Thapa has managed to keep tradition alive in his art, that is this home. The wide entrance to the property is guarded by the magnificent wood door with a flymesh combination to keep the unwanted tiny guests out. The brickwork however, is the true hero of this breathtaking design.